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Natural fancy green old European cut diamond

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We are an association of full time, professional Master Gemologist Appraiser, A.S.A.s with national and international offices. 
We arrange our hours by appointment.

We sell to collectors, private individuals and dealers throughout the United States and Europe.

  2.45 carat
 Fine Natural Mogok Ruby
more on Burma & Mogok Rubies

Each of us has a gemological laboratory of our own to assess the quality of gemstones and jewelry with an extensive reference library to assist the evaluation process.

Rare Edwardian Platinum Asscher cut Diamond and Ceylon Blue Sapphire Ring

We are able to conclusively prove
natural from synthetic gemstones as well as country of origin of
Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald in both loose and mounted stones.

2.48 ct. Asscher Diamond in Platinum

Fine 2.52 carat Natural Emerald and Diamond Platinum Custom Ring
for sale

My intention is to appeal to your interest and passion for fine gems, and offer my services on their behalf. 
 An eclectic combination of talents and specialties allows me great success in pursuit of  these fine stones around the world.   

From the markets of New York City to the Sapphire mines of Sri Lanka, I penetrate to the source of world markets to either get you the stone you desire, or to sell your gems at their highest possible value.

Edwardian platinum/gold fine blue sapphire and diamond ring

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E. Ralph Morgan
Master Gemologist Appraiser, A.S.A.

Edwardian style platinum diamond ring

"Please openly discuss your desires with us in the Natural Fancy Diamond realm as we are well connected in
North America and Europe."

"At www.emgemologist.com, You'll discover the difference real knowledge and access to world markets can make."

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