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Natural fancy green old European cut diamond

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Buying, Selling, and Brokering Services

I purchase for both myself and for other parties, with great interest in acquiring estate jewelry pieces. Knowing the dynamics of the market, I offer my purchasing skills and knowledge for your profit.

An affluent connoisseur of colored gemstones asked me to procure a "fine Kashmir blue sapphire; at least 3 carats".  I located and procured for the client a certificated, untreated Kashmir sapphire of 4.24 carats for a $12,500.00 savings over other alleged "wholesale sources."

I most specifically cater to fine jewelers and fellow gemologists, who understand the value of gems and their relation to different markets.  Proper placement of a piece within the right market at the right time enables me to get the highest prices for my clients.

One client turned to me after searching the Eastern seaboard estate jewelry buyers and gemologists for a $6,500.00 offer on a "yellow diamond" set in an 18K yellow gold mounting.  I was able to locate a buyer within three days who paid $18,500.00 for the piece.

Edwardian Platinum emerald and diamond bracelet

Kashmir sapphire and Edwardian platinum diamond ring

Important Old European Cut Diamond Estate Ring (6 ct. total weight)

Edwardian platinum Burmese ruby and Old European diamond brooch

Services include:

Gem acquisitions

Buying and Selling

In-field Travel Guide & Consultant

Visiting Speaker

Elisha R. Morgan
Graduate Gemologist

Old Mine Cut Diamond Hand Fabricated Platinum Ring

"Please openly discuss your desires with us in the Natural Fancy Diamond realm as we are well connected in
North America and Europe."

"At www.emgemologist.com, You'll discover the difference real knowledge and access to world markets can make."

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