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Natural fancy green old European cut diamond

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Estate Jewelry

The quality of craftsmanship and rarity afforded antique jewelry is what drives my national market while home in the U.S.  Periods I am predominantly interested are as follows:

Georgian 1714-1830
Characterized by rose cut and "cushion" shaped diamonds, chrysoberyl, lava, coral, garnets, shell, and onyx.  Metalwork mainly comprised of high karat gold content, iron pinchbeck, etc.

Victorian   1837-1901
This period is characterized by larger stones such as Persian turquoise, emeralds, garnets, pearls, etc.  Many pieces have colored gold alloy, such as green gold or rose colored gold.
Subdivided into three eras

Early Victorian 1837-1860
Mid Victorian 1861-1880
Late Victorian 1881-1901

Art Nouveau 1895-1915
This is a poignantly romanticized era, characterized by cabachon shaped semi-precious stones accented by precious diamonds, rubies, emeralds, etc.  Designs include nature based themes including stylized animal, insect and human forms, accented by flowing lines.

Services include:

Gem acquisitions

Buying and Selling

In-field Travel Guide & Consultant

Visiting Speaker

E. Ralph Morgan
Master Gemologist Appraiser, A.S.A.

Old Mine Cut Diamond Hand Fabricated Platinum Ring

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