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Natural fancy green old European cut diamond

Important Old European Cut Diamond Estate Ring (6 ct. total weight)

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World-renowned gemologist obtains rare Kashmir sapphires, Old
European and Old Mine Cut, and Fancy Colored Diamonds for
collectors and jewelers.

Hanover, NH--Gemologist Elisha Morgan, otherwise known as "the doctor of stone," is the man jewelers go to when they don't know what a gemstone is. Morgan has traveled the globe and visited many mine sites to access hard to penetrate markets.

Morgan's unique position, combined with his extensive gemological
knowledge, render him one of the foremost experts in his field.

Whether it be abroad, analyzing gemstones, or evaluating precious
gems in estate jewelry while at home in the US, he has a particular interest in procuring Kashmir Sapphires, Old European and Old Mine Cut, and Fancy Colored Diamonds, all of which are quite rare and found in estate pieces.

Many families have old collections of jewelry, originally purchased for small sums. What Morgan offers is an opportunity to make a significant financial gain on these finds.

Morgan recalls one woman who had an old stone that was passed down to her from her grandmother. She took it to a local jeweler to be appraised. Mistakenly judging it as a simple green peridot, the jeweler thought it to be worth $30 to $50. However, when the woman showed the stone to a fellow gemologist, he recognized it for what it was--an extremely valuable green diamond. This gem later sold at a high end jewelry auction for over $700,000. This is one of many stories Morgan can relate of people discovering that they really have a gold mine in old jewelry.

Appraisals of fine gems and estate pieces are also available to the jewelry trade, the buying public, financial institutions, probate attorneys, and the insurance industry.

When you employ Morgan's services, whether to identify the country of a gem's origin, determine whether a fancy diamond has been treated, or appraise a fine gem, you can always expect the highest level of professionalism and integrity.

For more information about Elisha Morgan's services, visit
http://www.emgemologist.com or call 888-436-5223.

Services include:

Gem acquisitions

Buying and Selling

In-field Travel Guide & Consultant

Visiting Speaker

E. Ralph Morgan
Master Gemologist Appraiser, A.S.A.

Old Mine Cut Diamond Hand Fabricated Platinum Ring

Edwardian Platinum emerald and diamond bracelet

Kashmir sapphire and Edwardian platinum diamond ring

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