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Natural fancy green old European cut diamond

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After searching the Internet, as well as locally, for gem dealers, gemologists, and jewelry buyers, people interested in selling their Kashmir and Burmese sapphires and platinum estate jewelry for the highest possible dollar amount will frequently sell through, or to, our association of gemologists.  

One woman searched for 6 weeks throughout the east coast jewelry and gemstone trade to recieve the highest offer she could get on her grandmother's Edwardian Platinum Old European Cut Diamond ring with a 5.56 carat diamond of average color and clarity.
We got her a check in excess of $7,000 U.S. over the next closest offer.

We sell both here in the U.S. and in Europe. After searching both coasts in the U.S., one disgruntled lady received an offer on her badly damaged 3-carat plus Kashmir Sapphire for $14,000 U.S. less than she was able to receive from us.
She obtained a check from us for more than $14,000 U.S. over the next highest offer.

Another gentleman had a similar situation occur with a few high-end retail jewelers and gem dealers on a nice 3 carat Kashmir sapphire with some damage to it.
We obtained a check for him for almost twice the highest amount he was offered.

These are genuine individual clients that have faith in our integrity and quality of service through proven results. 

We are senior members of the Accredited Gemologist's Association, published author's and gemological consultants with individual gemological laboratories and reference libraries of our own. When contacting us you will be treated with the highest degree of respect and discretion. 

We also purchase fancy colored diamonds, Old European and Old Mine Cut Diamonds as well as fine jade and fine rubies with or without original settings.    

We warmly invite you to contact us with any questions or needs you may have.  

 Kind Regards,  Elisha Morgan Gemologists, Senior Accredited Gemologists, A.G.A. 

Services include:

Gem acquisitions

Buying and Selling

In-field Travel Guide & Consultant

Visiting Speaker

Elisha R. Morgan
Graduate Gemologist

Old Mine Cut Diamond Hand Fabricated Platinum Ring

2.49 carat Asscher Cut Diamond VS1 F

"Please openly discuss your desires with us in the Natural Fancy Diamond realm as we are well connected in
North America and Europe."

"At www.emgemologist.com, You'll discover the difference real knowledge and access to world markets can make."

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