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Natural fancy green old European cut diamond

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Expert Gemologist Offers $$$ for Your Old Jewelry

Pull out your jewelry box and take a look at some of those old rings, necklaces, or bracelets inherited from grandma. You may not see anything remarkable about these pieces, but we might.

As an association of expert gemologists, we have a great deal of
interest in your old collections of jewelry.

Take out a magnifying glass and look on the back of a piece. If
there is a stamp from one of the famous, old manufacturers, like
Tiffany or Cartier, then we are in business!

Many families have old collections of jewelry, originally
purchased for a small sum. Today, WE VALUE THOSE COLLECTIONS AT ANYWHERE FROM 5 to 10 times their original price.
Why would we pay so much for old jewelry, you ask?
There are a number of elements today that lower the value of gems:
*The former USSR has been known to sell vast diamond reserves onthe market.

*Diamonds from Africa are frequently mined in deplorable
human conditions that many people won't support.

*Modern methods irradiate diamonds, oil emeralds, and heat
sapphires and rubies among other man-induced processes.

YOUR OLD JEWELS ARE MORE VALUABLE because they were manufactured in a time when they were less likely to be subjected to modern technologically advanced treatments.

Elisha Morgan, our head gemologist, is a world-renowned authority on Kashmir Sapphires, Old European Cut, Old Mine Cut, and "Fancy Colored Diamonds," which are very rare and valuable stones. He obtains these and other high-end rare to very rare items for collectors and jewelers. If you suspect that you have any of these in your collection, WE ARE LIKELY TO PAY THOUSANDS MORE THAN OUR COMPETITORS WOULD OFFER.

APPRAISALS OF FINE GEMS AND ESTATE PIECES are also available to the jewelry trade, the buying public, financial institutions, probate attorneys, and the insurance industry.

You can always expect the highest level of PROFESSIONALISM AND INTEGRITY from our services.

If you have jewelry you think is valuable, or if you are
interested in purchasing rare jewelry or stones, call us for an
appointment: 888-436-5223. You can also visit our websites for
more information: http://www.emgemologist.com.

Services include:

Gem acquisitions

Buying and Selling

In-field Travel Guide & Consultant

Visiting Speaker

Elisha R. Morgan
Graduate Gemologist

Old Mine Cut Diamond Hand Fabricated Platinum Ring

EdwardianPlatinum Estate Sapphire and Old European Cut
Diamond ring

Fancy Yellow Old European cut Diamond in Platinum ring

"At www.emgemologist.com, You'll discover the difference real knowledge and access to world markets can make."

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