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Natural fancy green old European cut diamond

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3 Facts About Old Cut Diamonds

 1.  Old European Diamonds tend to "mask" their true body color especially when mounted in a piece of jewelry for the following reasons: They were hand faceted with less than concise proportions and consequently do not reflect light as brilliantly as does their modern faceted counterpart: "The Modern Round Brilliant." 

2 carat E SI1 Old European diamond

This attribute allows for a diamond of lesser color to appear more colorless when mounted in jewelry.

4 carat F VS2 Asscher diamond

2. Many of the old european and old mine faceted diamonds were mined in South Africa and have a slight to strong degree of natural fluorescence inherent in their crystalline structure caused predominantly by varying degrees of nitrogen levels. This characteristic may enhance the overall brilliance of a diamond and can be an asset. Only when an oily appearence is viewed from strong fluorescence does this characteristic prove to be undesireable.

3. Old European as well as Old Mine Diamonds become rarer each day due to the fact that most of these fine older diamonds have been recut to modern proportions to enhance profit margins and saleablity in today's modern jewelry pieces. These older cut diamonds are quite frequently less expensive by significant amounts than modern faceted diamonds.

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